95% of the clothing or shoes produced, are for men

Yes, it´s the truth, this year and until the final of May, 9 new companies have started their business with us, until end of the year, we hope to launch more 4, reaching our second best year since we start.

It is a special pleasure for us, to help the younger´s to develop their projects, most of them, had already contacted more than 5 companies before us, without success.

Most companies, only want for their customers, medium and big companies, already established in the market. Due to low budgets, the small quantities, and the inexperience of the owners, the startups are considered companies with high risk, and loss of time for the CEO`s

The entrepreneurs, mostly coming from EEC; Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and England, but also from Korea, Russia, and USA.

The socks are the product most demanded, followed by the Goodyear shoes, then t-shirts, and long sleeves.

The high quality is preferred, for more 85% of the customers. Priority for the design instead of the comfort, the Eco-friendly materials are mandatory; the Organic Cotton and the Bamboo the most produced, but something is strange, 95% of clothing or shoes are for man.

Although we have been contacted by both gender, the women seem not to have consistent projects and they are very insecure, our conversion rate is 90% for the men projects and 10% for women projects, we sincerely hope  that the statistic has a big change one next months.