All Micro factories for StartUps completely busy

In six months, our experimental Micro Factories to help StartUps and small business start, became a huge success. The first four factories are now completely busy till July and there are at least five customers, that want to reserve production for all the year.

Is our intention now, is to enlarge the experience to more three factories, in order to consolidate the model, rectify procedures and then, decide if there is conditions to increase until 10 factories, all of them on knitwear sector.

For clothing made with woven fabrics, soon we hope to have good news. In fact, next week we will start negociations in order to bring a new Micro Factory to produce, shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses, with your models and quantities that you really need. If you are one of the customers interested on this type of production, please contact us.

We took the opportunity to clarify some questions placed by several customers.

For small quantities (knitwear), the customer have to choose the knit available on our catalogues or also there is a the possibility that the customer send himself the raw material and the factory will provide the service CMT or CM.

The minimum quantity that the customer must to purchase is a roll, whose weight is between 20 and 25 Kg. so, the number of pieces to be produced ,depend on the its consumption, but the customer should try to produce at least 50 units by model and colour.

The Startups don´t need to worry about the brand material, we will take care of it, but to have a competitive price, the minium is 1500 units. The labels are manage by us, this way we will send only the quantity needed to the supplier or suppliers to produce the several orders.