The Cotton and Merino mixed to produce an amazing product.

Our proposal is a knit with a blend of Merino and Cotton.

The inside and in contact with the body, we have the cotton, a natural fiber that everybody knows (can be organic by customer request).

On the outside, we have the Merino a natural fiber; comfortable, sun protector, with quick drying, not affected by body odor, temperature regulator, it’s wrinkle and water resistant,  – The final product is an amazing piece of clothing adequate for any season.

In order to be prepared to produce t-shirts and long sleeves, we already have one micro-factory with 25 employees to work exclusively on those productions.

The composition – 48% Cotton, 48% Merino and 4% polyamide.

The weight – 205 gsm.

The colours – Requested by the customer.

The MOQ – 30 kgs. by colour

Delivery – 30 work days.

For more information contact your assistant.