Let´s make it possible for everybody

Since the beginning of the year that, at least 15 customers all startups, have contacted us to produce socks with bamboo. As the minimum by color is 15kg. and this quantity is considered high for them since they wanted to buy not more than 60-100/color, the business was not done.

Now and inside our new concept to help who starts, with small budgets, the “Shared Production”, we ask to all that still are interested to buy that quality of socks, to inform their assistants, about the colors (see our catalog) that they would like to produce the socks.

The idea is to know if, among all the interested, we achieve the MOQ for each color and this way, be possible to produce those small quantities making happy everybody.

Additional note (18-04-2019)

We have now available the following colors:
– Black
– Navy C0007
– Gray C3813
– Brown 4525

You can use the colours above to make your designs, the MOQ is 100 pairs by colour or colour combination.

For more information, please contact your assistant.