Happy and prosperous 2018 is our wish for all our customers.

2018 will be the year of the organic products, we will try to have organic fabrics to produce the most part of our current products. Is time to give priority to those, who trying hard, to maintain the raw materials, clean of harmful chemists, we want to be part of this chain, that is fighting for a Green Planet.

The startups and small the business, can continue to rely on our company to produce their products, starting with a small quantity and grow up step by step, with sustainable way. with the implementation of the Micro Factories made possible the production of these small quantities, this new service, was one of our better bets so far.
Helping the youth to start, besides to be a commitment, is always a great pleasure to see their happiness and enthusiasm when we say; “Yes we can”.

The bigger companies may expect as before, an excellent service, good quality and competive but fair prices, only with happy employees and motivated, we can produce good products and revigorate the economy.

During three months, our collaborators were training about the new technics and trends of clothing and shoes production. In February, will be the time to transmite that knowledge to our suppliers, everybody inside our community, must to be prepared for answer to the new requirements of the fashion industry, whish will be, increasingly demanding.

Well we have everything ready, to make 2018 a better year than 2017, if you still are not our customer, this is the right time to join us and have an alternative experience of producing your clothing or shoes.

All the best for 2018!