Custom patterns and several constructions available

High quality custom socks, toe seamless, made with 70% Egyptian cotton (Combed and mercerized), 30% polyamide (Ne60/1), knitting machine gauge 18 3½x200 needles. Besides the pattern, you can include your brand anywhere.

But you if  your option is to produce with cheaper yarn, but with a similar quality, our combed cotton, will be also a good bet.

All process, pattern development, prototype for approval and production delivery are very fast.

We have an infinity of models and constructions possible, classic and casual, with lambswoll, angora and so on, visit or catalog on factory K7.

Here you can find some patterns trends for next seeason.

Sector increse 14% since 2012

According Bloomberg the U.S. shoppers spent $2.8 billion on men’s socks last year, the sector have increased 14% since 2012, around is 5% year, more than other sector, but this trend is transversal to all countries.


The most known brands betting on socks for women

Intarcia, fantasy, funny drawings or plain with fashionable colours, the socks can be used for all occasions and always bring more comfort to the feet.


Want to start to do a good business?

The factory has a limited production, you have to rush, soon the production will be taken.