There was a similar case that I have experienced a few years ago in Brazil, but the story I want to count to you, happened two month ago in Spain.

A much known Chinese company, has bought a big quantity of construction equipment. They made the transference of the advanced payment of 20% required and they stayed waiting for the delivery of the goods to its international forwarder, after that, they would have to pay the rest. The Spanish company with economic difficulties, used that money to pay urgent cases, but forgot to pay to its employees with several months delayed. When employees are unaware that the company had spent the money and did not pay them, they decided to block the exit of goods. The situation now worsened, the more likely it is that the equipment be sold by the court in order to get money to  pay to the employees and other creditors, in relation to the Chinese company, this should lose all the money transferred.

Cases like these, that happens frequently nowadays was a major reason to go forward with the Mysupplier.