New Lurex socks for women for chic looking

Lurex socks for women, made on machines with 200 needles and the thinner yarns, only may have a result; a high quality and soft sock for woman. Our socks are made toe seamless, which improves substantially the confort of your feet.

lurexsockbrandsThe minimum quantity is 120 pairs by pattern and delivery time is 30/45 days but now only for next year, since the production is taken till end of the year now.

In alternative if you still want to purchese socks to sell in Christmas time, our factory K6 still have possibilities to produce your socks,  but only machines with 160 needles are available and you should be quick on your decision, otherwise will be too late.


Our 200 needles machines are very busy due the high demand, if you want receive socks in the beggining of next year we suggest to book your production right now.