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The pandemic and its impact on the factories

The pandemic and its impact on the factories

The second wave With the second wave, even more severe than the first, most of the factories are experienced several difficulties due to, not infections of its own employees, but due to somebody inside their family or friends, that tested positive and they had to do...

Vacations in August!

Vacations in August!

Urgent to place the orders From the 3rd of August to the 28th, practically all our factories will be on vacation. All the customers that want to receive the winter collection before this period need to place the orders urgently. We also inform that September is always...

Status of the Covid-19 inside our network

Status of the Covid-19 inside our network

We still are able to produce Knit clothing, socks, and home textiles Due to the increment of suspected cases, we have part of our factories on vacations or in quarantine for an indeterminate time, the factories are:- All the shoe producers;- All the shirts and blouses...

If we have to use a mask, let use it but with style!

If we have to use a mask, let use it but with style!

Social mask and sock for a fashionable looking Produced in a socks factory, our mask is comfortable, totally customized with the customer design (made with the yarn, not printed), with antibacterial and water repellent treatment, and can be washed at least 15 times...

Recycling textile products

Recycling textile products

Social face masks, woven bags, and socks Lately, there is a huge quantity of startups focusing their sales on recycled or wasted products of the textile industry. This is really very good because otherwise these products would be lost, sent for large landfills or...

Sneakers blake construction

Sneakers blake construction

Blake construction the alternative for the small exclusive sneaker collections Not for sports sneakers but for casual, the construction Blake is more strong for a more durable sneaker. With this type of handmade construction, if the soles selected are available to buy...





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Our statistics 9

Our statistics 9

Statistics; from January 2020, until May 2020.  No changes Sweden, still continue to be our best buyer country, followed by Spain. The shoes are the product with the most weight on sales and the product with more requests made by the new customers was again the...

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