Social face masks, woven bags, and socks

Lately, there is a huge quantity of startups focusing their sales on recycled or wasted products of the textile industry.

This is really very good because otherwise these products would be lost, sent for large landfills or trash dumps and burned.

Using these wasted materials, we can reutilize them in new and useful products, for the current needs.

This way since the beginning of the pandemic, we are producing, social face masks with the wasted knit of the production of the t-shirts, woven fabrics, coming from the shirts and home textiles production and woven bags, for the bread, fruit, and vegetables, avoiding the usage of plastic bags. With wasted wool, we produce warm and comfortable socks.

All these products with fair prices for all; for the supplier, the customer, the end consumer.

And the planet says thanks to everyone for buying, these products.

All the customers interested in these or other products should contact their assistants because will be treated by us with priority.