Safe Service

The objective of this service is to provide a commercial relationship safe for buyer and for supplier, here you have the steps:

– After to selecting the supplier and prototypes approved, Mysupplier will confirm the order and the total value to pay;
– When the supplier starts to prepare the stuff to produce your order, we will inform you, to transfer 50% of the total value. This value is a guarantee for the supplier, but he will not receive this amount, we will keep it as a fund of guarantee;
– We will inform the supplier that he already have the guarantee and should start the procedures of production;
– We will control all process of the production and keep you informed;
– When the production ends, we will inform you, to transfer the remaining 50%;
– Once received the payment, we will inform the supplier that should deliver the goods;
– As before, the money is retained by us;
– You have 8 workdays to receive and check the goods, on a ninth day, if there aren’t any complaints, we will pay the goods to the supplier.

Please note – Most suppliers want to receive the payment after to deliver the goods to the carrier. in this case, we will pay to the supplier, only if we consider that the goods are according to the specifications required by the customer.

You will receive the 50% back, if for some reason the supplier did not start the production of the goods. You will receive all your money back, if there is a strong reason to refuse the goods. Our lawyer will manage the conflict with the exemption if there is.

Safe service


You should check on Factories Index, the suppliers that accept the “Safe Service”.

The Safe service is the choice of 95% of our customers and suppliers.

Please note

This service can be provided, only when both supplier and customer agree.

When there is too much risk, customers from countries politically unstable, have to pay the 100% of the value of the goods, before starting production.