Sales on retail market has substantial reduction

The shops in Europe has a decrease of at least 5% on sales, with France on top of the countries who lose more customers 16%. After the terrorist attacks, the luxury tourism was terribly affected with less visits to country.

French Miss

H&M – Increase in profits not expected

But the bad news is not only for luxury segment, the medium segment like H&M, despite to open shops for everywhere, don´t see its profit grow up and they have the same scenario that happened with big retailer Dixons-formerly known as DSG – also began bringing in less profit for each square meter of store space, that led to a two-year, 70% drop in profit, consequently the company’s shares to lost nearly 90% of their value, the report states.

Well, is time to fight more to maintain our sales, is available to help our customers to develop the adequate products that fits better with actual conditions of market.