Standard Service

This service is applied to all Products Produced by Request; complete products or only workmanship (Cut, Make & Ttrim)

The objective of this service is to provide a commercial relationship, based on high patterns of quality, ethics and exemption.

We are the party most interested, that the business is successful, quick, and without any failure, our job depends on that, the supplier and the customer has the same importance for us.

We will select the best supplier, not only to produce a specific product but able to work with the quantities that the customer can purchase and delivered on the scheduled date.

This way, we have on our network several types of producers, small for small orders, medium and big factories for the medium and big orders.

The suppliers with better performance, are compensated with the best orders, so, this way we stimulate the quality of the service provided by the suppliers, for some of them, we can even guarantee all its production.

As you pay the same price for the products, as any direct customer of the factory, we are the best partner to produce your orders.

But our service does not end with the production of your products, on our platform, you have all information about suppliers, their products and prices, catalogues and so on.