Contingency measures

We inform that there isn´t until now cases of infection in our factories, this status will be daily updated.

To avoid the infections of our employees, since the beginning of last week, we adopted the following measures:

– Access to the production chains is not allowed for external people to the factory. So the quality control will be done by the employees of the factories, following our instructions by video-conference;
– All the communications with the factories are now only done by electronic communication:
– All the assistants and quality controllers will be working from their homes;
– For now, there are only small delays, mainly on the production of the prototypes, due to some changes in the procedures in the woven fabrics, knit and dyeing factories;
– The products that incorporate yarns or special fabrics imported from Italy may have delays, due the factories are temporarily closed. We are in touch with the customers affected to find a solution.

We will do a new update when there is any alteration on the current situation that justifies a new communication.

Portugal has one of the best health systems of the world, most of the citizens have their immunity systems reinforced with vaccines against the Flu virus and Pneumonia, so, for sure the virus will not have too much impact as the other countries if all Portuguese follow the protocols.