Micro factories, our best solution for the small customers and startups.

When on your profile you inform that you want to buy quantities of products below the normal patterns accept by the small factories, we use the micro factories to produce those small quantities.

We have two micro factories centers in two different places, on those centres, we cut, distribute by the micro factories (small units between 2 and 10 employees) collect the ready made products, control the quality and we make the packing.

At moment is a service more focused on knitwear (t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, leggings…) the time to delivery is very fast normally, less than 30 days, but the customer has to choose our raw materials to produce their clothing; Jersey, Italian and American fleece, Interlock, polar and so on, with more than 25 colours, several weights and compositions allways available. The minimum quantity is a roll, that can weight between 20 and 25 kg. so the minimum quantity to be produced, depends of the garment consumption.