Contributing to have a new generation, busy and happy

We believe if all of us help the young people develop their ideas, we are contributing to have a new generation, busy and happy, By the other hand, if we give an opportunity to an unemployed or somebody that all his life, dreamed to design a collection of shoes or clothing and never had such opportunity, is to make the dreams come true.

This was maybe the main reason why we decided to develop Mysupplier.

Normally the Startups have small resources and the companies need orders with considerable quantities, to feed their production line with profitability and the young companies need to start step by step, with the quantities that they can pay and sell, opting for an sustainable commercial strategy.

We already helped, more than 60 Startups to develop their products and now they are, for any company, an interesting customer; most of them, already purchases more than 1000 units/style of their products.

But how we do it?

First we have micro factories to produce small quantities starting on 30 units, second we make agreements with our factories; “Here it is a big production but you have to produce also this small order”. Well some kind of blackmail, but for a good cause. 🙂

This way and explaining how is important to help the people that want to start their activity, we can make everybody happy.

Happy people

Helping people make his dreams come true

 80 companies producing all type of products on footwear and textile area

As we have currently 80 companies producing all type of products on footwear and textile area, we are one of the biggest business network in Portugal, that all the customers can count to produce their products.

As each customer has its own assistant, answering practically in real time, all customers have not only a supplier, but somebody helping to find the better solution for each difficulty.

But our way of working within a network, has other advantages, for instance; if one factory is late and cannot produce the next order on the schedule date, normally we have somebody that can help, or if the order is too big for one supplier, we find somebody to help, normally we can solve any problem among our factories.

But there is an advice that we want to let to the Startup’s owners, before to decide to go forward with production, you have to think that the garments or shoes, besides other important stuff, you need to have brand, labels, hangtags, for strange that it seems, only this year, 10 of new customers, gave up, after to receive the budget for the brand material, because they thought that 100€, would be too much for them. Unless you are a creative person and you are able to develop your own brand material, or you have to include this amount on your budget from the beginning.