As you know, in our community we do not have only the producers of clothing and footwear, but we also we have all producers for all type of accessories and brand materials, like woven labels, hang tag labels and so on.

And buy these products in separate process, is a question of good sense, safeness and the best way to reduce the price.

Let me explain:

1 – First of all, brand materials are the property of the customer and is the identity of his product, should be controlled very well by him or by us under his request.
2 – And this way, we should develop and produce always in the same place, in order to receive the same product on later deliveries and to know who produced those products;
3 – There is always a price for initial development so this way, we don´t need to pay that development when need to produce more labels;
4 – With all suppliers, how much is the quantity, the lower will be the price, so is more profitable, to produce at once all material needed for all suppliers involved in customer collection;
5 – We should send only the quantity enough for each order and not more; first to avoid counterfeiting and second to avoid the wast; the statistics say, that normally the supplier loses between 5% and 10% of the labels when they are not controlled.
6 – If we have the labels available in stock, easier we can start to produce new orders.

Well, there will more reasons for sure, but I think these six are enough to understand why the branding materials should be a separate process.