How it works?

What do we do?

Select reliable suppliers

We select the best Portuguese suppliers of textile, footwear and related products, which must meet three conditions:

  1. Should be one of the most competitive in its product range;
  2.  Fulfill all applicable laws in EEC;
  3. Should accept our quality standards and working procedures.

Production reserved

We make a deal with the supplier, that ensures a part of its production for our customers, whose price should be the same, as his direct customers. We give to the factory, undeniable financial and operational advantages with this commercial partnership.

The best products

We select the best products from each factory and we help to improve them. We display online all technical information about the product and its producer, we manage and control the entire process of purchase, from the first contact, production until delivery.

What do you need to do to get started?

To fill out the Customer Form

To receive all information you need, you have to fill out the Customer Form. The information provided by you will be only to communicate with you, to know your profile as a customer and for invoicing purposes. The profile is crucial to know which suppliers are able to develop your products according to your requirements.

A personal assistant will be assigned to you

After receiving your information, a personal assistant will be assigned to you. He will give you all information you need and is online from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (Portugal time, GMT). You should consider your assistant, as a member of your team that works in Portugal, taking care of all your matters regarding the productions.

What does your assistant do?

  1. Help you to find the best solutions;
  2. Selects the best suppliers for your profile;
  3. Provide all the catalogs available;
  4. Order the prototypes;
  5. Place the orders;
  6. Order quality control;
  7. Request the payments;
  8. Accompany you in the visits to factories.

What are the advantages of buying on

The service is free

You have a useful and comprehensive free service. To use this service, you only need to to be a company and accept our terms. Startups and small companies will have a special treatment, in order to help them to increase their business.

The service is easy

You can easily purchase, practically all kind of products of textile and footwear, small or big quantities and related services in one place, with competitive prices. For orders over 3000 units, you can follow the production online.

The service is safe

The customer has someone exempt, which controls the entire process; commercial and productive with all security for both sides; Supplier and Customer.