Terms of Service

These are the Terms of the Service provided by MySupplier.pt.

The platform Mysupplier.pt belongs to the company QCOM-Tecnologias de Informação, Ltd.

Our core business is to make the link between, the best small and medium Portuguese Suppliers, with the best small and medium International Customers. Is to understand the needs of each part and develop solutions that make easy the work of both. Is to develop products, techniques, and procedures, that make the business safe, quick, high quality, but also competitive. Is to grow up sustainably, learn with mistakes and improve constantly.

  1. Which products can the Customer buy on MySupplier:

1.1 All type of raw materials for the textile and footwear industry;

1.2 All type of clothing and shoes;

1.3 All type of related services.

  1. How MySupplier promotes the business and safeness for both sides?

2.1 For the supplier

2.1.1 Finding reliable customers;

2.1.2 Helping to develop fashionable products with proven quality;

2.1.3 Helping Improve the methods and procedures in order to obtain better performances;

2.1.4 Making the management of all resources available within the community MySupplier, so that Suppliers with excess resources may help others with deficient resources;

2.1.5 The Supplier does not need to have an export department because MySupplier will ensure all service regarding to the exportation;

2.1.6 Using safe procedures which reduce the risk;

2.2.7 Controlling all production process in order to avoid any mistake.

2.2 For the Customer:

2.2.1 Finding reliable Suppliers able to produce the product, fulfilling the specifications;

2.2.2 Offering products of good quality, with all tests available (on request)

2.2.3 Ensuring that the Suppliers meet the standards based on “BSCI” code of conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and “REACH” EU (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals);

2.2.4 Making management of the brand labels, packing and all accessories used to produce several orders when produced in different Suppliers;

2.2.5 Controlling all process of production and inform about all its steps;

2.2.6 Using safe procedures that reduce the risk;

So, MySupplier is so rigorous with its Suppliers as with its Customers, from our Suppliers, we demand innovative products with good quality and delivered on agreed dates, from our Customers, we demand simply honesty on business, the big quantities will come in the near future, with our help.

MySupplier preserves the anonymity of the Customer when requested, the information disclosed to the Supplier will be only that which is necessary to produce the order.

MySupplier.pt is not a store, so is not subject to applicable law, is also not public, is only for guests or Customers proposed by the resident Customers. The proposed self-Customers may be accepted after verification of their commercial data. MySupplier.pt is just a private platform used to facilitate Customer interaction with QCOM.

At this early stage, it is intended for small and medium importers of textiles and footwear, maybe in the future extend its range of products.

Before making any purchase, the Customer will have to know, mandatory, how MySupplier provides its services. If the potential Customer disagree with one or more clauses of these Terms, he should not use our services.

The original text of the Terms of Service is written in the English language, you can select your idiom (choose the flag at the bottom of home page) and the original text in English will be automatically translated by a robot. Translation by robots has some limitations, so the translation may not be perfect and cause misunderstandings, you must be based on the text written in English and if in case of doubt, you should contact us.

  1. Customer Form

3.1.  To start our commercial relationship, the buyer has to be a company working on textile or footwear area, with a tax number with the possibility to be verified, the user has to be authorized to do purchases in name of the company and to fill out the Customer Form (see on home page bottom left);

3.2. Registration is free and not require any purchase, your data will be used only for normal business relationship between two companies that do business;

3.3. At any time the Customer may withdraw its registration from database by simply send a message through the form “Unsubscribe Form” or sending a message to your assistant with that intention. All data and interactions recorded in the database will be removed (please see our Privacy Policy);

3.4. After receiving the information, a personal assistant will be assigned to Customer. He will take care of matters regarding to the commercial relationship;

  1. How does MySupplier communicates with the client?

4.1. Upon receiving the Customer information, the Customer may contact via e-mail or to opt by working on Project Manager, where all products, suppliers, tasks, milestones, images, documents and other files, are organized separately but in the same place.

  1. How to buy?

5.1. Frist you have to send a detailed information of the products you want to buy to your assistant;

5.2. He will select the factory that can produce your product accordingly to your specification;

5.3. You will receive the estimated price for each product;

5.4. If you want to proceed, your assistant will send the price to produce the prototype and the delivery date;

5.5. You pay the prototype and on scheduled date you receive the prototype for approval;

5.6. Once approved the prototype, you have to send the definitive order and we confirm;

5.7 When we start the production procedures (buying the raw material) you have to pay 50% of the value of the goods, the money is kept by us;

5.8 You will receive a notification confirming the reception of the payment;

5.9. During the production we will do the quality control and when ready we will do the final control and if everything is accordingly the specifications, we inform that the goods are ready to deliver to the carrier;

5.10. You have to pay the remaining 50%;

5.11 Again you receive a notification, confirming the reception of the payment;

5.12. After receiving we pay to the Supplier and the goods are delivered to the carrier;

End of process.

  1. Products Produced by request Only workmanship (CM* or CMT*)

6.1. In this case the raw materials are supplied by the Customer. The raw materials, can be purchased on MySupplier or come from an external supplier. Entire transport logistics between Suppliers within the platform is controlled by MySupplier;

6.2 If the value of the raw material, is 40% or more of the final product, the raw material will be the guarantee for the Supplier, so no payment in advanced will be requested.


* Cut and Make or Cut Make & Trim


  1. Other services provided by Mysupplier

7.1. MySupplier has all type of services to support the production. Inside our network, the Customer can count with, all type of print suppliers, embroiders, laundries, laser services, shoe lasts producers and so one, we have all services needed to support the shoes and clothing production.

7.2. MySupplier also can provide transport services, normal and express, by truck, airplane, and boat. Mysupplier has partnerships with several carriers with reduced prices.

  1. Withdrawal of purchase

8.1. The Customer can withdraw from the purchase at any time since it has not yet made ​​the payment. Once payment is already done, Customer will have to pay all costs incurred to date, like raw materials, support services, etc. if already ordered. Customer will receive the documentary evidence of these purchases already made and will be entitled to receive such products as he had bought on the platform.  On Project Manager, the Customer can check the progress of the production process, through tasks that are being created and completed, so, the Customer can see that the task of buying raw materials, for instance, is already completed, so he has to pay the raw materials.

8.2. On products “Produced by request” or “Produced by request only workmanship (CMT or CM)” we keep the customer informed on production progress, if detected some delay or issues with product quality or others, and if the resolution involves a new delivery date, the Customer will have to decide to accept a new delivery date or, withdraw the order, in this case, if the 50% of  pre-payment has already been made, it will be immediately refunded and the order cancelled. In the case of “Produced by request only workmanship (CMT o CM)“, the raw material or other ready-made product, will be sent to Customer address (expenses by our account). In case of withdraw, the customer accepts:

8.2.1 That after the return of 50% pre-payment or devolution of his fabric, clothing or other product sent by Customer, nothing more is owed, and not entitled of any payment or compensation.

  1. Penalties for clients with misconduct

9.1 The Customer will be inhibited to use the platform, In the following cases:

9.2 If the Customer didn´t pay within 5 days after the purchase, without any justification;

9.3 If Customer try to use deceptive methods and if the case is deemed to be serious, then will be reported to the relevant authorities in his country;

9.4 If the Customer does not pay within 20 days, despite our efforts in order resolve the situation. In this case the Customer will be place in the blacklist of International Trade

  1. Selection and Monitoring of MySupplier´s suppliers

10.1 All suppliers must comply with the following principles:

10.2 Be entitled to exercise their activity and thus meet all laws of the European Community, including the regulation of the European Union; REACH and the standards based on “BSCI” code of conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative);

10.3 Accept the MySupplier quality standards;

10.4 Accept our unannounced controls; quality control, hygiene conditions, brand protection, etc.;

10.5 Be the most competitive in the market for its main product;

10.6 Accept to reserve part of their production to MySupplier’s Customers with the same price of their direct clients;

10.7 Agree to comply with all MySupplier marketing procedures.

  1. How is the activity of MySupplier financed?

11.1. MySupplier is funded through commercial discounts, sponsorships and selling optional services on the platform.

  1. A relationship that has as main goal the satisfaction of all parties involved

12.1 All the relationship with the Customer and Suppler, will always be on our part, guided by the principle of common sense, transparency, respect and honesty. The business must be always fair for both sides, we will refuse to work with companies that the prices requested to produce their products, are not compatible with “BSCI” code of conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

12.2 The system used by Mysupplier promotes business security for all parties, in the Project Manager, the Customer can verify the position of its order, we will inform each step of production phase, that the client has to approve;

12.3. Mysupplier will always try to resolve any misunderstanding arising, the serene and peaceful manner, and avoiding recourse to courts. However, if this route is not possible, we will act always in accordance with applicable laws in the European Community. when the Customer makes purchases in MySupplier platform, accepts that in case of dispute, the only competent court to resolve the case, is the Portuguese court of the District of Guimarães.

  1. Value Added Tax (VAT)

13.1. In our prices the Value Added Tax (VAT) is not include. The products exported are exempt from tax, the buyer will pay the taxes at his country;

13.2. For Portuguese buyers, the VAT will be added in the invoice at current tax rate.

13.3 Any individual persons can also buy our products as long as he pays the VAT 23%.

  1. Delivery Conditions

 14.1 Customers from European Community

14.1.1 The Customer may opt by Ex-wroks (the Customer pay the transport of the goods since the factory premises until his address), and in this case, we will inform the address to collect the goods after payment;

14.1.2 Or DAP (Delivery At Customer address), in this case, we will inform the Customer the total value to be paid with the transport included;

14.2 Customers outside European Community

14.2.1 The Customer may opt by Ex-wroks (the Customer pay the transport and all Customs expenses of the goods since the factory premises until his address), and in this case, we will inform the address to collect the goods after payment;

14.2.2 Or DAP (Delivery At Customer address), in this case, we will inform the Customer the total value to be paid with the transport and the export Customs clearance included. The Customer have to pay the import Customs clearance and other taxes, like VAT when applicable at his country;

  1. Money refund

15.1 Customers outside European Economic Community

15.1.2 All bank charges arising from the return of money to the customer outside the European Community, are deducted from the amount to be returned in the following cases:

15.1.3 Money refund, regarding to the payment of “Samples for appreciation before buy in bulk“, when the samples are sent back (only for “Products ready to delivery“).

15.1.4. Money refund, regarding to 50% of prepayment for products “Produced by request“, when customer give up from the order and under conditions described on clause 8.;

15.5. Other cases, Mysupplier/Qcom assumes only all the expenses charged by our bank in Portugal to send the money.

15.2 For customers from European Economic Community

15.2.1. Money refund is free for Customers from European Community, and only applicable in cases referring on 15.1.3. and 15.1.4.

  1. Payment

16.1. Any payment must be done by bank transfer and only after our confirmation, after that, Customer has five days to pay, after this period the order will be cancelled if there isn’t any explanation from customer;

16.2. All costs related to bank transfer are paid by Customer, we must receive in our account, exactly the value of purchase, without any other expenses.

  1. Order not paid by the customer

17.1. In case of non-payment, although met all the requirements of the order and exhausted all forms of resolution during a maximum period of 20 days after due date, the Customer and the owner of the trade mark placed on product, agrees unconditionally:

17.1.1. Lose 50% of prepayment in the case of “Products produced by request“;

17.1.2. Lose the raw material or the garments readymade in case of “Products produced by request only Workmanship (CMT or CM)“;

17.1.3. Waive all rights to the product produced, in particular the brand placed on it;

17.1.4. That QCOM/MySpplier or other entity, can sell the product as it is produced, in any country in the world, without any restriction.

  1. Period to check the goods, only on SAFE SERVICE

18.1. The quality control and security procedures implemented by MySupplier, reduces almost to zero the possibility of occurs a mistake, anyway if something abnormal happens, we will be prepared to have a quick resolution.

18.1.1. The Customer has eight days, counted from the second day of delivery, to receive and check the goods (please note that most of suppliers want to receive the payment before deliver the goods to the carrier, in this case, we will pay to the supplier after to check that the goods are according to the specifications required by the Customer);

!8.1.2.  After this period, and in the case of absence of problems, MySupplier pays to supplier;

18.1.3.  If any problem is found, the Customer should notify immediately, and has more two days to send proofs;

18.1.4.  MySupplier informs the supplier of the existence of a complaint by the Customer and suspends the payment to supplier (only applicable to the suppliers that accept to receive after 8 days upon deliver);

18.1.5.  Mysupplier examines the situation and checks whether the complaint is justified: Whether the complaint is justified, the responsible for quality control and our lawyer, will get together with the supplier to reach a resolution of the problem and informs the Customer about results. MySupplier will continue with the negotiations until have a resolution, which may not exceed 20 days. Whether the complaint is not justified, MySupplier informs the Customer of the reason not to uphold the complaint and pays to the supplier.

  1. Errors

19.1. When detected an error, on the text, on the quantity, on the prices or images, MySupplier will correct the error immediately, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation as result of the error. Customers prior to making any action relating to the product, must wait for our confirmation.

  1. Impossibility to receive the goods by the Customer

20.1. Although we do not have any responsibility after to deliver the goods to carrier, with the agreement of the Customer, in the following cases:

20.1.1 War inside the customer country or in neighbouring countries;

20.1.2 Diplomatic incidents with European Community;

20.1.3 Sanctions promoted by European Community or third parties;

20.1.4 And other cases not yet provided here;

which do not allow the Customer to receive its goods, MySupplier may keep the goods for three months (this period may be increased if necessary). Optionally anytime, MySupplier can try to sell the goods at the price indicated by the Customer.

This service has no cost to the customer, if we have free storage place in our warehouse, otherwise he has to pay the storage service.

If the goods have been already delivered to the carrier, the Customer must pay the return shipping of the goods to our warehouse, and the new delivery, when the problem is resolved.

In any case the Supplier or MySupplier can be blamed for that situation, after the supplier have delivered the goods at scheduled date, he has no further responsibility for the product produced, If there is any risk, the Customer should not buy the product.

  1. Alterations

21.1. These terms may be altered in the future to better adapt to the service, we will notify the alterations on Company news.