Agency Service

This service is applied to all Products Produced by Request, CMT included.

The objective of this service, is to provide a commercial relationship, safe for buyer, here is the steps.

Please go to the catalog  at Services > Mysupplier Services > Request an Agency Service, and purchase the service.

The first value to be paid 100€, is to start our work; find the best supplier to produce the product, to visit its premises, check if he meet the requirements requested. All information collected will be sent to you. If your decision is go ahead with the the supplier, we start will the next phases; production of prototypes, samples, quality control in the beginning and in the end of production. If for any reason you refuse the proposal supplier , we will try to find another one.

Our commission for orders with values until 2.500€ is 7%, between 2501€ and 5.000€ is 6%, orders with value over 5.000€ is 5%. The commission must be paid by the customer within 15 days after delivery date, by bank transference.

When the total amount of purchases achieve 20.000€, we will deduct 100€ (the value paid to start the service) on next order.

All communication will be done on CRM (Client Relationship Manager).
After purchase the service, a project will be open and there, we will discuss all details concerning this matter. Then if both parties agree with the service to be provided, you will receive a notification to pay. After payment be done, the service will start on schedule date.

Please note – This service is applied only for a special supplier requested by the customer, for all factories which are already on the plataform we don’t charge comission.