The new trend of business of fashion, drives consumer excitement with a stream of constant newness

At 31th of August, the famous blog Business Of Fashion, written an article about Business of fashion – new trend, below we highlight the following excerpt:

“NEW YORK, United States — Most people with knowledge of the streetwear market are familiar with the concept of a “drop” a controlled release of new product at a clip that’s far faster than the traditional fashion cycle and designed to drive consumer excitement with a stream of constant newness. It’s one of the reasons lines at Supreme stores tend to snake around the block every Thursday morning, when the company releases new items.”


Business fashion trend
People queue for the latest product ‘drop’ outside the Supreme store in New York
Source: Instagram/@beatthemeattt

From the begining that was our goal, to help our customers to adapt to new sales trend.

With, the customer can buy small quantities, test the product and place a new order, only if their customers ask for more.

Even working on tradicional fashion cycle, our customers can buy, instead the complete quantity of items for the season once, they can opt, to recieved product in two or three times.

Let me explain better;

You have a classic oxford shoe on your collection, whose your prospect is to sell 2000 pairs on whole winter season, why not to buy 500 pairs to open the season in July, 500 pairs in October to restock and 1000 pairs in November before Christmas?

There is at least three advantages?

1- You control better your money, you can reduce till 75% the expenses in July;

3 – You can change the colours or the sizes based on the statistics of sales;

2- You can cancel the next deliveries if the model is not selling as expected and substitute the model;

Working with, is to have a partner, allways prepared to collaborate with you on the new challanges.