WebShop Management, what kind of service is that? Several customers asked to explain

Our company moves in three areas; IT, Apparel and Footwear.

Our core business is to put the technology at the service of Apparel and Footwear companies, establishing strong commercial relationships, reducing production costs,  improve quality of the products, inovate and developing web platforms, to launch the products on the www and this way, we increase the sales of our partners.

Our IT department, besides the commitment with these companies, we also work with other companies, producing websites and apps, providing web hosting and other related services.

So, our company besides to be able to produce your webshop, if you are a Mysupplier’s Fulfillment Service customer, our Qcom’s collaborators can take care of the webshop for you too; introducing the new products and other contents, take care of the SEO, security and so on.

This way, you only should care about the payments of your customers and when receive, inform our collegues of footwear or apparel area, to deliver the goods.

Qcom. pt is our website for IT services.