It seems that the virus is losing the war (or at least, is more controlled) and now it’s time to recover the economy too much affected, due to the successive block downs.

In our case only the shoe factories were affected, the clothing factories have increased their sales, as most of our customers have their business based on the web, their virtual shops never stoped to sale. But were the new companies, most of them producing for the first time, the main ones responsible for that increment. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic we were contacted by 56 new customers, 65% of them, they already started to sell their products and 18% are now order a new collection.

Is really amazing the quick adaptation to the new situation by most customers and suppliers, understanding which were the new priorities and act accordingly.

Now, how much time need the traditional shops wait to return to normal? Is important that happens very quickly or most part of them will never open again, all of us know how much they are important, So, the consumers, suppliers, and governments, need to find out the best solution for each case, if we want to have that shops on the center of the cities, promoting the life and mobility of the people, this will be a task for all or even more, a cause.

But unfortunately, there are some companies that already start to do bad practices, which doesn’t help at all, the recovery of the economy. This week one of our factories ordered material to restart its activity (was in the layoff on the latest months), the supplier, a known world leather producer, informed us that they had to change the terms; they could supply only the most expansive leather, the time delivery would be one month (before one week), the MOQ will be more than the double and the payment in advance. Well, our factory has been buying their leather for more than 40 years, and 40% of the production, was based on a specific leather not supplied anymore, this is really very bad news. After some research, we realized that this factory is doing pure speculation and that their terms were not for all.