Let’s take care of our planet, for now we have no other!

For our next productions, we will give more importance to the use of Bamboo on our products. Our reasons are clear, we want to use products, that have a less nocive impact on our environment.

So maybe the bamboo is the most sustainable resource in the world:

– The bamboo is an organic product, doesn´t need any chemical;
– Maybe is the plant with the fastest growing, need only 5 years for its maturation, the other trees need 30-40 years;
-When bamboo is harvested it will continue to grow new shoots from its extensive root system;
– Absorbs carbon dioxide and emits 30% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees;
– Is one of the few plants that can keep up with deforestation;
– No genetic modification;
– No irrigation required.

All the customers, that like us, are concerned with Planet, now is the right time to join us.

We already start with socks, during next weeks we will start with t-shirts and long sleeves, for now, are in a period of experimentation, we need to choose the best and reliable suppliers and test all yarns received, unfortunately, not all the Bamboo yarns received correspond to our quality standards.

For more information please, contact your assistant.

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