BUREL – 100% pure wool

100% Portuguese

Burel´s properties and characteristics

• 100% wool
• felted
• fire resistance
• waterproof
• temperature and acoustic resistance
• water-retaining
• anti-static
• resistant
• flexible
• natural
• agro-product

• Maintenance

Burel is easily maintained. The fibre structure repels dirt and allows for fast cleaning and drying after accidental spilling. Carpets can be kept clean and as new simply by regular vacuum cleaning. It is possible to machine wash burel fabrics using the wool program at a recommended temperature of 40°C. For ironing, steam ironing is recommended using the wool setting.

• Chemical composition

Burel´s approximate elemental composition:
Carbon (C) – 50%
Hydrogen (H) – 7%
Oxygen (O) – 21%
Nitrogen (N) – 17%
Sulfur (S) – 5%

Wool fibres contain keratin, a sulphur-rich protein. Sulphur is only found in this type of fibre.

BUREL – 100% pure wool

Products made with Burel                            

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